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#9 It Is Good To Think Backward

When it comes to creating indexes, it is good to think backward. What we mean is you begin with the final product and then produce the index to effect the proper outcome. In simple terms, the index is the criteria by which you search for documentation.... (more...)

#8 Why Use Indexes?

In the world of sales there is sizzle and there is substance. Sometimes the two meet and an exciting merger ensues. Often someone’s sizzle is another person’s obstacle. Fulfilling the needs of everyone is a daunting task and not one to be accomplished... (more...)

#7 Preparing to File, Find and Share

In a previous post I stressed the importance of preparation before you attempt to implement a document management system. This post will be more of the same with a slight change in the emphasis. Our focus today will be upon preparing your system to file,... (more...)

#6 A New Client, Where To Begin

Now that you’ve sold a client on going with ECM, the question becomes, “Where do we begin?” As with any other type of sale your focus needs to be upon the problem and its solution and not upon the tool. In ECM that means you focus upon how your... (more...)

#5 Getting A Prospect To Understand ECM

The typical prospect thinks of ECM as an operating system or industry specific software. Your sales person’s task is to get them to understand that it is a repository of documents no different than a file cabinet. Did they purchase file cabinets that... (more...)

#4 Staffing for ECM Support

The most critical decision behind selling an ECM system is staffing for support. Two areas must be covered: 1.        Technical 2.        Application Both areas may be covered by one person. However, both areas must be covered. The technical... (more...)

#3 More Objective Based Pricing

In #2 we focused upon selling PS View as a “Freeware” solution. However, when you agreed to become a PS View dealer we are assuming you did so because of the profit potential it presented over any other ECM provider. Let’s take a moment to look... (more...)

#2 Objective Based Pricing

It is important to think of PS View as both a hosted and on-premise solution as well. Because you can set up a hosted system for multiple companies and sell PS View as a monthly fee based system. Your customers will not have to invest a great deal of... (more...)

#1 Setting Your Objective

Let’s begin with your objective. Here are some questions you need to ask yourself. Is my objective to… 1.        Secure my copier customers from competitors who sell ECM 2.        Use ECM to make my way into my competitor’s accounts 3.       ... (more...)

New to ECM, Read This Blog Series

The intent of this blog series is to assist the dealer who may be new to the world of ECM (electronic content management). We will touch upon objectives, various pricing ideas, the basics of ECM and document management, staffing roles, marketing and more.... (more...)

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