#1 Setting Your Objective

Let’s begin with your objective. Here are some questions you need to ask yourself. Is my objective to…

1.        Secure my copier customers from competitors who sell ECM

2.        Use ECM to make my way into my competitor’s accounts

3.        Develop another major profit center for my company

Each of these is a valid reason to begin selling an ECM product. In fact, you may want to accomplish all these objectives and more. However, know that each of these will take a different marketing plan and probably different pricing matrix.

As a Paradise, PS View reseller, you need only to concern yourself with your annual cost of goods, your commissions paid to your sale’s staff and your cost of support and implementation. Your ability to sell an unlimited number of systems, or unlimited size, greatly improves your ability to succeed in all these areas.

If the primary objective is to secure your current copier customers, your plan would probably include the following elements:

1.        It is exclusive to your valued customers.

2.        The special pricing they receive is based upon them remaining your valued customer.

3.        The plan becomes a benefit to your prospects as an added value should they choose you rather than your competitor.

In our next post we will actually discuss pricing but already you can see how important it is to make your objective clear to your sale’s staff before they approach prospects. You should also notice how a customer retention plan can also be used as a client building plan when you give your prospect added incentive to choose your company rather than your competitor. In a landscape where differentiation between products and services is slim, it is a definite advantage to build in added value without building in added cost to the prospect.



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