#4 Staffing for ECM Support

The most critical decision behind selling an ECM system is staffing for support. Two areas must be covered:

1.        Technical

2.        Application

Both areas may be covered by one person. However, both areas must be covered. The technical person must be able to do the following:

1.        Install the PS View system upon a variety of servers.

2.        Know there way around dealing with hosted servers.

3.        Be able to build data tables and understand Sql and My Sql data bases.

4.        Install desktop Capture.

5.        Handle all technical questions up to actual PS View programming.

On the application side that specialist needs to know:

1.        All the basic user functionality.

2.        The advanced functionality such as permissions and workflow (if sold).

3.        Have the ability to answer all end-user questions.

The best idea for learning the system is to actually install and use the system within your business. It is always easier to learn a system when you are actually applying that knowledge for a purpose. Your staff will ask the typical end-user questions. An added benefit is that your staff will be able to answer your client application questions because they use the system daily.



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