#5 Getting A Prospect To Understand ECM

The typical prospect thinks of ECM as an operating system or industry specific software. Your sales person’s task is to get them to understand that it is a repository of documents no different than a file cabinet. Did they purchase file cabinets that are specific to their industry? No. They purchased generic file cabinets and tailored them to the way they structured their business. The big difference between this and ECM is the manner in which a document may be manipulated, shared, found, etc.

A perfect analogy is the difference between writing something upon a piece of paper versus typing it into MS Word. The content is the same but the myriad of ways that document may be handled electronically is vastly superior to a written sheet of paper. Likewise, a scanned image acts like that Word document.

However, what an ECM like PS View can do with that image is superior in many ways to that Word document. First, and most importantly, every document is archived and may never be altered creating a perfect audit trail. When a document needs to be altered, it will appear to the user that an alteration has taken place; however, what has actually occurred is that another version has been created. The original and all other altered versions have never been changed.

The other major difference between ECM and Word documents in folders, is in how documents are filed. Indexes force every user to file documents in exactly the same manner. If I were to go to 10 different people in my company and looked at their document filing system, I would find 10 different methodologies. Imagine the utter disaster taking such a system company-wide would be. PS View solves that dilemma.

It is important to understand that the main reason prospects resist transitioning to electronic filing is FEAR. They understand paper and their current system, with all of its flaws and limitations. The thought of changing is utterly overwhelming.

This leads us to our next post: “A New Client, Where To Begin.”



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