#8 Why Use Indexes?

In the world of sales there is sizzle and there is substance. Sometimes the two meet and an exciting merger ensues. Often someone’s sizzle is another person’s obstacle. Fulfilling the needs of everyone is a daunting task and not one to be accomplished by a “one size fits all” scenario. This is precisely why PS View, while emphasizing the importance of manual indexing, will perform both full OCR, and zonal OCR (with the use of an added module). So which is right for your client?

Although many companies push full OCR as the answer, we strongly feel that in most cases indexing is a far better solution. First, let’s define our terms. Full OCR (optical character recognition), is the software or process, which allows printed or written characters to be recognized optically and converted into machine-readable code, which in turn, can be input into a computer using an optical character reader. In short, the software allows the user to search for a document by reading every character upon the page and then searching through every document, looking for the specific character or characters you enter. Very quickly, it becomes obvious as to the limitations of this type of approach.

First, the time it takes to scan and convert every document into individual characters is far longer than filing a document by index value. Secondly, searching for documents using OCR will turn up many more results, forcing the user to search through the search for the intended document. Thirdly, the most troublesome trait of OCR is that it is not 100% accurate. This failure really does lead to searches which, completely miss the intended document. To be sure OCR has its place, however the greater the quantity of documents put into the system, the more cumbersome and less reliable it becomes.

This brings us to indexes. Indexes are specific search criteria determined beforehand, which force the user to input and output documents in a specific manner. Their strength is in their consistency and accuracy. We have all saved a file to our computer, only to forget where we put it, what we called it, and had we changed it. Now imagine what may occur when multiple users file, amend, alter, search and share documents. A system can quickly become unmanageable. Indexes eliminate these major pitfalls. Documents are always input using the same criteria, searched for in the same manner and never actually altered; rather a new version is created building a perfect audit trail throughout the years. Visit our video or read the instruction manual to see just how easy it is to build this wonderful tool; the index.



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